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Support the VRLTA PAC.

The VRLTA PAC is the leading political action committee for the restaurant, lodging, travel, and hospitality industries in Virginia. As representatives of those industries, we understand how important it is that your voice is heard in Richmond. The number of new proposals introduced that affect you, our association members, seem endless—minimum wage, ABC regulations, new taxes, and much more. The purpose of the VRLTA PAC is to support those legislators that share the same view and visions for our state as we do.

Why is the VRLTA PAC important to you?

Our association understands the battles that our business owners face in Virginia, and an ever-changing political landscape doesn’t always bode well for predictability for our members. That’s why we aggressively fight every day to keep your interests in front of each and every legislator. Some of our successful fights include:

  • Successfully promoting legislation to properly regulate Airbnb and other short-term online rental marketplaces through affirming the rights of localities to regulate this growing industry through taxation and registration
  • Protecting funding for the Virginia Tourism Corporation so our state can continue to support one of its most important industries
  • Defeating all initiatives that would have removed the post-Labor Day school start requirement currently in place, and would have had a negative estimated impact on the Virginia economy by roughly $369 million including $104 million in wages and benefits to hard working employees
  • Protecting the integrity of our ABC regulations in the best interests of our restaurants and hotels:
    • Defeating a bill that would have allowed alcohol to be served at Cigar shops with no food requirement
    • Defeating a carve-out that would have allowed performing arts facilities to serve mixed beverages without following the same regulations as restaurants
  • Protecting our restaurants and hotels by reducing roughly a 600% increase in food service inspection fees back to its original level
  • Successfully promoting legislation to create a three-year moratorium on meals tax referendums
  • Defeating all attempts to authorize a meals tax in every county across the state
  • Defeating several attempts to almost double the minimum wage
  • Defeating a bill that would have eliminated the ability of an employer to pay employees through the use of prepaid card without their consent – potentially increasing the bottom line for restaurants and other employers drastically
  • And much more…

Get involved!

Grassroots efforts within our association are critical to maintaining our success – and a great way to get involved is donating to the VRLTA PAC. From small independently owned business to corporations to simply those who share our values and beliefs, the VRLTA PAC is dependent on all our members to help us reach our fundraising goals.

Become part of our political action committee – Donate Today!

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